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Fiachra Kelleher

Fiachra is an undergraduate English Studies student at Trinity College, Dublin. He is currently studying at the University of Auckland as part of an exchange programme. He campaigns actively against the ozone layer.

© Welcome Swallow, Hirundo neoxena neoxena, collected 14 September 1953, Stewart Island, New Zealand. Acquisition history unknown. CC BY-NC-ND 4.0. Te Papa (OR.000490)2019 SpringT3STORIES

Exit Through The Thrift Shop

Oisín jumped on a stray plank of wood with both feet. He heard its dry snap surge through the empty rooms and crackle into the darkness of the house. They stood there, the pair of them, in the dimness, and Oisín tried to exhale for as long as the dust…
Fiachra Kelleher
December 17, 2019