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Tom Romeo

Tom Romeo is a writer, editor and journalist whose stories and photographs have appeared in over 50 publications worldwide. He has a Masters in Creative Writing from Auckland University, and a PhD in English with a creative practice.

MCW Books

Touching the Universe

Ten years after his father’s disappearance, Gordo Jenkins is on the brink of turning his life around. He’s about to finish college and pursue his filmmaking dream, and he’s fallen in love with Eleanor after a chance encounter in a New York City clinic. But then he’s confronted with news…
Tom Romeo
May 8, 2024
© Sue Romeo2018 SpringT3BOOKS

Excerpt from Touching the Universe

Even in the late afternoon, the desert heat was withering and our hike slowed to a slog almost from the start. We followed a dusty trail through jagged lava fields and thickets of mesquite bushes. Craggy mountains sat in a haze on the horizon, gray as ghosts. Everywhere in between…
Tom Romeo
November 8, 2018
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Auckland Shorts

You start with the gannets. You have to start with the gannets. From the moment you arrive at Muriwai Beach and gaze at the rugged west coast, these white, long-winged seabirds fill you with awe. You admire their streamlined shapes, their pointed, black-tipped wings that span up to two metres,…
Tom Romeo
November 7, 2017