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Alice Karetai

​Ko Aoraki te mauka. Ko Waitaki te awa. Ko Kāi Tahu te iwi. Ko Ōtākou te marae. Alice Karetai grew up on Waiheke Island, and tasted life in Bolivia, Paris and Bahrain before returning to the University of Auckland complete her BA (Hons) in English. Kaiwhatu, a mother of two, and an active member of her community, she is currently completing a Master of Indigenous Studies at the University of Auckland.

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Inside the Walls

Trev’s sneakers beat the black road. At the corner, a large flame tree brandished torch-like blooms, signaling the beginning of the final climb. His wrist showed 8:29am. To the left, the dark green kanuka of the reserve spread down the bowl of the valley. Houses lined the road in neat,…
Alice Karetai
November 17, 2017