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Anuja Mitra

Anuja Mitra is a Law/Arts student who would generally rather be writing. Her work was featured in the National Library exhibition 'The Next Word: Contemporary New Zealand Poetry' and can also be found in Mayhem, Signals, Starling and Sweet Mammalian. She is co-founder of the new online magazine Oscen at and enjoys procrastinating in bookstores, eating mint ice cream and petting her small colony of cats.

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Three poems

Hearing the Ice Cream Truck My friend’s flat is strung with all the souvenirs of living: birthday cards hanging from the fridge, blurry shopping lists in her childlike script, a lesser-known Penguin with spots of rust. One day we’ll make choices without doubt; we tell ourselves, as if telling makes…
Anuja Mitra
November 19, 2018