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Carolyn Cossey, Karen Holdom, and Sarah Ell

Carolyn Cossey has a Bachelor Degree in Creative Writing from Manukau Institute of Technology, and is currently in the torrid throes of her final weeks of the MCW at the University of Auckland. She has been published in Flash Frontier, Headland, Landfall, and recently, Bonsai; a collection of short, short stories. She lives in rural South Auckland, close to the Manukau Harbour with teenagers, a horse, a dog, a couple of goats, and a lawn that always needs mowing.

Karen Holdom is an Auckland writer working on her first novel and studying for a masters degree in creative writing at Auckland University. A former journalist for newspapers and magazines, she lives with her husband, Steve, their three boys and a dog named after a Star Wars queen.

Sarah Ell is a freelance writer and editor, and author of ten books in the non-fiction and YA genres. She has a degree in New Zealand history and is currently enrolled in the Master of Creative Writing course at Auckland University. She writes with a view of Auckland's youngest volcano.