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Hebe Kearney

Hebe Kearney grew up in Christchurch, but now calls West Auckland her home. She is an undergraduate student in History and Classics at the University of Auckland, and against better judgement has recently started learning Ancient Greek.

© Kevin Rabalais2018 SpringT3POETS

Three poems

Karen Carpenter skeleton-woman — i am sorry. * the clock has left you, your eyeballs empty pits where the light goes in. * you are cracked marble, fissured obsidian, a network of crisscrosses broken, and you should be whole, brimming * a round-faced moon, a silver silken shadower, night cast…
Hebe Kearney
November 19, 2018
© Kevin Rabalais2017 SpringT3SHORTS

Auckland Shorts

On Titirangi Road my grandfather’s dog was squashed dead. My grandfather hiked dry-eyed up the drive, and scraped her off the concrete. He said that he knew this would happen. Cars hurl angry along the street’s arc, and thin footpaths cower by the roadside, often vanishing, alternating sides, forcing pedestrians…
Hebe Kearney
November 9, 2017