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Isabelle Johns

Isabelle Johns is New Zealand born, of Chinese and Pakehā descent. She spent the majority of her early childhood in China before moving back to New Zealand permanently to begin her education. Her writing explores conflict, particularly in the context of relationships and identity, and the implication those conflicts have for one's mind-set and perception of the world. She is currently studying Computer Systems Engineering as well as English Literature at the University of Auckland.

Our first xmas at 'Woodside'. December 25, 1916 [1914-1917] Levin, by Leslie Adkin. Te Papa2021 SummerT3POETS

Three Poems

Bedtime Story For Grown-Ups There’s a snake that I ate. It’s a winding black mamba laying eggs in my gut.   I used to go running the kind where my hair was salt-crusted and my hands full and wet dropping pipi shells all down the shoreline   Recently, I’ve gone…
Isabelle Johns
March 4, 2021