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Crazy Love

By May 10, 2024No Comments

Based on the author’s own experiences, this vivid novel explores how – as the Van Morrison song suggests – crazy love can take away the troubles. It can, though, add a whole lot more. ‘We save each other, don’t we, when we are in love.’

It has been 28 years since Vicki last sent a letter to Robert Muldoon. Last time she wrote, he was Prime Minister, while she was living with her loser-boyfriend and wanting to know why people like her had to exist in such dire straits. Back then, Muldoon sent her a dollar, but it was the irrepressible Billy who turned up and transformed her life. This time Muldoon is dead and it is Billy who has made her so desperate she doesn’t know where to turn.

Since running away with Billy, Vicki has barely looked back. Together they have become a family and prospered. They have survived so much, but can they survive Billy’s increasingly erratic behaviour, especially when he seems so set on pulling them apart?

Crazy Love

by Rosetta Allan


ISBN: 9780143776284 

Published: August 2021

Format: Paperback, 336 pages

Rosetta Allan

Rosetta Allan is an Auckland-based writer and graduate of the Master of Creative Writing Programme, University of Auckland, who grew up in Hawke's Bay. Her first poetry collection, Little Rock, was released in 2007, and her second volume, Over lunch, in 2010. Her poetry has appeared in publications and anthologies in New Zealand, Australia and the USA, and in online literary journals. Rosetta's first novel, Purgatory, is based on the Otahuhu murders of 1865.