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AM Dixon

AM (Melanie) Dixon is a Christchurch based writer. Her short stories and flash fiction have appeared in journals and anthologies in New Zealand and overseas. She holds a Masters in Creative Writing from the University of Auckland, and is a graduate of Hagley Writers’ Institute. She likes to write first thing in the morning and will often start her day by writing a piece of flash fiction or poetry, before moving on to her current work in progress. She is inspired by the outdoors and loves watching the sun rise. An avid reader she especially enjoys work by other Aotearoa New Zealand authors.

MCW Books

New Dawning: The Edge of Light

Book one in a startling new trilogy. We meet Merel, a girl living on a futuristic island in the middle of a sea. Many years have past since the community survived the floods and the severe heat that has forced their forbears to shadow their world. They live in twilight…
AM Dixon
May 10, 2024