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2021 SummerT3BOOKS

Excerpt from The Telling Time

Luisa — 1989, Yugoslavia The no-frills train pulls into Florina station. The simple wooden building is scuffed at the edges and spattered with graffiti. A lone guard paces the platform. Even the tracks have reduced to a single line. ‘Jeez, check out the station,’ says Bex. ‘What a dump.’ ‘Give…
PJ McKay
February 21, 2021
2021 SummerT3BOOKS

Excerpt from Fake Baby

Jaanvi Gilfillan needed to go to the supermarket. The fridge was empty in a western-world kind of way, the freezer overloaded with six- month-old breast milk in thin plastic bags, and the pantry contained only staples that couldn’t quite make a meal: flour, cumin, some weevil-ridden oats and a torn…
Amy McDaid
February 21, 2021
2019 SpringT3BOOKS

Excerpt from The Unreliable People

My name is Moon Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan, USSR – 1977   There aren't many words of the old country that survived the homogenisation of Stalin's collective farms. Only the old people harbour much knowledge of the language, but they refuse to speak it. The fragments Antonina hears are the ones her…
Rosetta Allan
December 18, 2019
2019 SpringT3BOOKS

Excerpt from Attraction

That kind of drowning feeling. The air is all around your face, if you could only breathe it. Ilana said, —The first breath you take again always hurts. She is an experienced drowner and I am just starting out. —This wave, she says. Yelling, —Come, no, here by me. She…
Ruby Porter
December 18, 2019
2018 SpringT3BOOKS

Excerpt from Whispering City

The notebooks lay unopened on the marble of the kitchen bench. Melina turned her back on them, and went to check once more that the doors and windows were all secured. Gabriella’s house was an echoing shell. Only in dark shapes on the walls where a dresser had stood or…
Rachel O'Connor
November 8, 2018
© Tom Moody2018 SpringT3BOOKS

Three poems from Vanishing Points

carina / the keel Macoute slips off the wall and rests a moment on one of the leather chairs below the flag he’s got swallows on the wire KERERŪ AEROBATICS above the cliff and his own white noise to insert between the London planes he is the tree in the…
Michele Leggott
November 8, 2018
© Sue Romeo2018 SpringT3BOOKS

Excerpt from Touching the Universe

Even in the late afternoon, the desert heat was withering and our hike slowed to a slog almost from the start. We followed a dusty trail through jagged lava fields and thickets of mesquite bushes. Craggy mountains sat in a haze on the horizon, gray as ghosts. Everywhere in between…
Tom Romeo
November 8, 2018