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Michele Leggott

Michele Leggott lectures in poetry at the University of Auckland, where she also coordinates the New Zealand Electronic Poetry Centre (nzepc). In 2008, Michele became New Zealand's first Poet Laureate, and in 2013 she received the Prime Minister's Award for Literary Achievement in Poetry. 'carina / the keel', 'chamaeleon / the chameleon', and 'telescopium / the telescope' can be found in Vanishing Points (AUP, 2017), Michele's most recent collection.

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Three poems from Vanishing Points

carina / the keel Macoute slips off the wall and rests a moment on one of the leather chairs below the flag he’s got swallows on the wire KERERŪ AEROBATICS above the cliff and his own white noise to insert between the London planes he is the tree in the…
Michele Leggott
November 8, 2018