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Rachel O'Connor

Rachel O’Connor is a citizen of New Zealand, Ireland, and the United States, holds degrees in Literature, Art History and Creative Writing, and currently lives in Auckland, where she tutors English and Creative Writing and is studying towards a Creative PhD at the University of Auckland. She was awarded a Sir James Wallace Scholarship and First Class Masters Degree for her first novel, Whispering City. Recent publications include articles in Metro, Books Ireland and NZ Author magazines.

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Whispering City

Whispering City is set between 1912 and 1917, in northern Greece, Dublin, London, Lemnos and Gallipoli. Three divisive and destructive wars sweep through the territory in rapid succession, but for three young women these uncertain times present an opportunity to escape their fettered pasts and seize the lives they want. When…
Rachel O'Connor
May 9, 2024
2018 SpringT3BOOKS

Excerpt from Whispering City

The notebooks lay unopened on the marble of the kitchen bench. Melina turned her back on them, and went to check once more that the doors and windows were all secured. Gabriella’s house was an echoing shell. Only in dark shapes on the walls where a dresser had stood or…
Rachel O'Connor
November 8, 2018