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We are tiny beneath the light

By May 8, 2024No Comments

We are tiny beneath the light charts the end of a marriage and the tumble of tiny moments that make up a life under stress, including the unexpected discoveries that can still bring joy – watching a child fly a blue kite or weaving words to make sense of sorrow. Heidi’s second collection manages to speak of the beautiful and the ugly in a single breath, and out of enormity creates small parcels of light.

A poem from this collection – ‘Piha Beach, two years on’ – was used as part of U2’s Joshua Tree tour pre-show in Auckland.

We are tiny beneath the light

by Heidi North

the Cuba Press

ISBN: 9781988595085

Published: November 2019

Format: Paperback, 70 pages

Heidi North

Heid North’s second poetry collection, We are tiny beneath the light was published in November 2019. Heidi is a graduate of the Master of Creative Writing Programme, University of Auckland, and has won awards for both her poems and short stories, including an international Irish poetry prize and has been published in anthologies and magazines here and overseas. Heidi was the NZ fellow on the Shanghai International Writers Programme in 2016. Her first collection was Possibility of flight. She lives in Auckland with her family.